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How does it work?

You earn the CHF 20 transaction reimbursement in 3 steps. To read the detailed conditions, please consult our Terms and conditions.


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Discover our platform and possibilities. With DEGIRO you can trade worldwide with extremely low fees.


Receive your CHF 20 transaction reimbursement

As soon as you have spent CHF 20 in transaction fees within the first 3 months, you will have it reimbursed into your account. From that moment, the 3 month period for the person who invited you will also start.

Save on every transaction

At DEGIRO you save a lot on costs compared to other brokers and banks. This has a positive effect on your returns. You can even invest commission-free across a wide selection of popular tracker funds.

Degiro Average fees other brokers Savings with DEGIRO*
Swiss Re N for CHF 1.000 CHF 5,58 CHF 33,00 83%
Alibaba for CHF 2.000 CHF 0,67 CHF 41,24 98%
iShares SMI Tracker for CHF 10.000 CHF 5,98 CHF 53,50 89%

* Average saving compared to 6 other brokers, see

Swiss Re N for CHF 1.000

Degiro CHF 5,58 83%
Average fees other brokers CHF 33,00

Alibaba for CHF 2.000

Degiro CHF 0,67 98%
Average fees other brokers CHF 41,24

iShares SMI Tracker for CHF 10.000

Degiro CHF 5,98 89%
Average fees other brokers CHF 53,50

Invest worldwide

DEGIRO is a pan-European broker and is currently active in 18 countries.

The infrastructure used has been fully developed in-house. Our trading platform makes it possible to invest across all major exchanges worldwide.

How did DEGIRO become a top five European broker?

DEGIRO has been a reliable partner for professional investors for years and has been active in the private market since 2013. Since then, DEGIRO has enabled retail investors to also profit from the highly competitive commission structure. Over 300,000 investors now benefit from these low rates, making DEGIRO the fastest growing broker in Europe.

Incredibly low fees

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A user-friendly platform

Both on desktop & mobile

Innovative technology with an innovative broker

Innovation is at the core of our business. While many firms may be stuck in their ways, at DEGIRO we embrace change and developing our offering for today’s investor.

DEGIRO is already distinguished in terms of our fees, global investment opportunities, numerous order types, and a revolutionary web trader. And because we develop our software in-house, this enables us to be able to offer even more services in the future.

Award-winning broker

When investing with DEGIRO, you invest with a multiple award-winning broker. DEGIRO has been named the best broker across Europe. In addition to the Netherlands, where DEGIRO is a market leader, DEGIRO has been praised for our low fees and range of trading opportunities in countries such as Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Best Low-cost Stockbroker

Financial Times & Investors Chronicle (UK)

Best Broker

Golden Bull (Netherlands)

Best Online Broker

Handelsblatt (Germany)

Best Stockbroker

Rankia (Spain)

Start investing today.

Start investing today.

  • Incredibly low fees.
  • Comprehensive tools, capabilities, and service.
  • Worldwide. Anytime and anywhere.
  • Secure structure.
  • Incredibly low fees.
  • Comprehensive tools, capabilities, and service.
  • Worldwide. Anytime and anywhere.
  • Secure structure.

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